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I assist you in awakening

I am a Zen Master, an enlightened disciple of the great master, Osho.
A rebellious spirit and an open mind is what is needed here.
Awakening is to be one; mind, body, and spirit.

Awakening usually begins with a crisis, when our conditioned program crashes. Otherwise, we never change. I awoke suffering a deep depression. Today, my work is often helping those with symptoms of depression. Awakening is a shift of consciousness from a closed mind to an open mind. Depression is healed in the same way.

My process of awakening began 43 years ago, age 30, when I was hopelessly depressed and suffering. I was desperate for an escape when a thought of suicide occurred to me. I was strangely consoled by this idea. I was deciding how to end my life, when I arrived at a perplexing conundrum. I believed I knew everything, but I could not correlate knowing everything with my solution to kill myself. Amazingly, I consciously doubted my thinking! I opened my mind to the shocking possibility I did not know everything. This one insight began my awakening!

Awakening is becoming aware of who you really are, by letting go of who you are not; it is about bringing to light, presence, joy, love, and creativity. All that is required is your openness.

I am Arthur D. Saftlas, also known as Nirvan, a name given to me by Osho. I do not diagnose you or prescribe medications or commiserate with you endlessly about issues twice a week for twenty years. The people who come to me usually have been down that road. They are desperate for change and are open to hear methods to truth I share from an intuitive and insightful gift of communication.

I work in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, and by email, Skype, and by phone. I am open to answering your questions, feel free to contact me.


Depression is an unresolved life crisis; it is not a mental illness

We are rarely prepared to experience a crisis, a traumatic event, a devastating betrayal, a death of a loved one, or the myriad surprises life may have in store for us. We get over, or through, or past a crisis or we do not. When the crisis is an identity crisis, we resolve it by realizing it is a turning point to awaken and learn more about ourselves. We resolve any crisis by our willingness to totally process our emotions. This prevents our becoming stuck in negative and depressive thinking.

When we fail to resolve a life crisis, we can easily get stuck in a crisis of depression. When a child or teenager suffers a traumatic crisis, issues of communication exacerbate difficult challenges of resolving it. Consequently, many children and young adults suffer depression and get stuck there.

A traumatic life crisis and depression are similar. They are transitions we either move through or get stuck in. We must perceive our mind has been closed and disconnected from body and spirit. We must take responsibility for our suffering, release repressed emotions and move through them, while questioning beliefs that block our healing.

Do we continue to suffer depression by believing a doctor's prognosis? Beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies; believe your depression is an incurable mental illness you will have forever, and guess what? Medications for depression do not cure it, they cause harmful side effects, and there is mounting evidence they cause aberrant behavior. What is worse is that medications block alternative healing practices of balancing mind with body and spirit.

I teach awakening and I awoke from a deep depression 43 years ago. Only those who have suffered depression know about it. And only those who have gone through it to the other side know how to heal it. Part of the healing work I do is about freeing our emotional body and uncovering the erroneous decisions we made at the time of the unresolved crisis, that caused the depression.

My web site is In my blog is more writing about depression. My book of insights is also there for you to read. I am planning a 2 day weekend workshop to heal your depression; in San Francisco, a date to be announced. I invite your comments and questions.


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