Moments of Lucidity
Insights into the Nature of Truth
by Arthur D. Saftlas


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Meditate to become free of psychological pain of the past. This is what meditation is all about, because once the old mind-set is let go, we find ourselves naturally in our original state of enlightenment. We are then open to learn all the lessons, such as realizing all that happened was for the best, everyone is always doing the best they can, life is a mystery to be lived— not solved, etcetera.


I find myself seduced from a meditative state, distracted back to my mind, by even more subtle deceptions.
It is only when I stop and re-awaken, do I realize how this has happened this time.


We try to not take the negative reactions of others personally,
yet we tend to be flattered hearing expressions of approval.
But neither is personal, has really nothing to do with us.
Their comments are how they view us in our mirror.

Communication is a circle of sending and receiving messages,
but is hindered by any reaction, whether negative or positive.
We only hear another when we are not personally involved,
obviously most difficult in our close personal relationships.


Rebellious people tend to fight against the establishments; government or corporate institutions seen as controlling and heartless. But fighting against anything is also to control, so to attempt change in this way is egoistic and hypocritical, and futile. Love is the answer, the way we transforms ourselves first and then through a spiritual evolution, the consciousness of the world.



We each deserve an academy award for our portrayal of the role we play, in the dramas we produce, direct, and stage, again and again.



Do you really love your beloved, or does she merely fit your casting criteria for your script, your fantasy scenes, or dreams of happily ever after?

What happens to love, when she won’t take direction?


Do my eyes see out, or am I inside and see out through them?
Focused out, seeking fulfillment, I find I am serious and depressed. Defocusing my eyes, I feel myself inside, centered and peaceful.



Communication can be simply a look,
or just a shared feeling, or merely a touch.
Communication is a momentary connection,
being with another, present in the here and now.

With speaking, unless we are meditatively conscious,
or coming from our heart, a mind of desire intercedes.
Desiring mind brings in our past and the element of time.
Consequently, communication feels difficult or impossible,
because the connection is no longer in this present moment.

One seeks and finds their master when one is ready.
Those who have evolved can recognize a master.
An enlightened master is an ultimate friend.
He loves you without needing your love.
Fearless of your retaliatory mind,
She is free to honestly guide,
unafraid of losing you.

We no longer have a model of a tribe or a real spiritual community.
In these cultures a child was born into the tribe, not just to a family. Each child really belonged, would never be an orphan. Our heart yearns to belong, but we know only the dysfunctional family, consequently we suffer insecurity, alienation, and loneliness.

Ever wonder why “primitive” tribal cultures were destroyed?
Tribal chiefs were spiritual people who had no political agenda.
Perhaps our politicians feared losing control, their power over us,
were we to realize that these tribal cultures were more civilized.



Encountering your inner emptiness can be frightening at first.
Move through this fear and by venturing deeper;
discover there is more than emptiness;
there is a fullness in the heart,
and a depth of silence.



In my counseling practice, I sometimes ask, “Are you having this problem, now?”. After understanding I meant this exact moment, the reply is usually, “No, I am not having my problem, now”. My intent of asking the question is to open discussion about the reality of the moment; in which there is no time and where there are no problems. All problems exist only in the mind of time and tension.



Walking in nature, you suddenly stop and become present.
Silence, in concert with sounds of wind and birds.
Trees appear more three dimensional.
Exquisite designs everywhere.
Peaceful beatitude.



Our conditioned mind is much like a pendulum,
swinging between opposites, never centered, or at rest.
Yet, at our center is real power, the peaceful state of no-mind.
Few discover their center because we are otherwise conditioned.
The masses of men, oppressed by economic and political tyrants,
strive for freedom, justice, equality in a world outside themselves.
Women, oppressed by men, strive to compete “in a man’s world”.
The changes everyone wants would happen easily and naturally,
were we centered, and not distracted outside of ourselves.
We have not yet realized our infinite power of love.
Love is at the source of all balance.



Sacrifice your heart,
for security, reputation, riches, power, or for any reason,
and nothing real remains.


You are perfect and lovable just as you are.
Yet, this is contrary to the conditioning of this society, that says:
You must conform, strive, improve, achieve, and excel,
To deserve love and acceptance.



Mind drives us crazy, so we seek peace of mind.
However, there is no peace of mind– only peace beyond our mind.

Efforts to change, quiet, or stop the mind always fail because the mind is not substantive (effort can only be effective against a thing) and effort is the will of the mind, so using the mind just produces more mind.

Aware observation, without effort, is the way beyond the mind. When the mind is simply witnessed, it disappears.



A child’s conditioning in this culture is basically obedience training. Conform!, behave!, control yourself!, and learn to suppress emotions.When this fails, prescribe drugs to help hold down feelings.

Healing is the appropriate term to describe what we need from our having been subjected to this brutal conditioning. Find a way to responsibly clear your repressed emotions,and see the erroneous beliefs you formed about yourself.



We do not look into another’s eyes.
We quickly look away for many reasons.
We avoid depth– our superficial pretense is our protection.
We ignore truth– we do not want to see ourselves reflected.
We deny feelings– we won’t show our vulnerability.
We believe we know– we avoid anything confusing.
We feel unlovable– we won’t allow love to touch us.
We are ego centered– we are closed to any truth.



“I think, therefore I am”– is believing your mind is you.
“Getting in touch with feelings”– is more human.
“Be aware of this moment”– is immortality.


Fearing everything that is unknown,
Afraid of failure or afraid being successful,
Afraid of feeling guilty and disappointing others,
Afraid of love, death, and being wrong,
We never risk stepping outside ourselves,
Therefore life is postponed for another day.



We come to the master to attain the spiritual reality,
With desire for what is unobtainable by desire,
For the teaching that cannot be taught.

The master may ask you to stay, or send you away.
He may nurture, tease, cajole, or challenge you.
His devices are designed to awaken you,
For you to discover who you are and who you are not,
For you to realize your awakening is all up to you.



Feeling insulted is an allergic reaction of your ego to any truth.



Love exists, is a reality beyond your normal consciousness.
Where love exists, there is no time and no death.
Ego-centered mind is rooted in time and the fear of death.
Drop your ego through love, and you can never die.



When relating takes the form of relationship,
two individuals will refer to themselves as a couple.
Feeling merged, they act out their dreams of being as one.

Yet fights for control, inherent in these relationships,
should prove that two people never become one.

The advice usually given to resolve conflict is compromise,
however, compromise is a formula for misery, because
respect for the individual is sacrificed for a dream.



There are hundreds of real meditation techniques. Avoid practices that require concentration or repetitions because they only strengthen and further involve your mind.

Meditation practice is a time and a space to become aware, to observe what is, from a detached perspective. Any effort to succeed to a goal is the mind, that which is to be transcended.



Uncover who you are by discovering who you are not. Observing your mind in meditation, without judgment, you may hear voices of parents and all who have influenced you. Eventually, you encounter the mind of the whole world of which your mind is also a part. By realizing what is not you, you begin a process of dis-identifying with your mind and create the space inside to discover your true self.



I want to know that you know how I feel, now.
You want to know that I know how you feel, now.
What we all want in communication is to feel heard,
To feel the other knows how we feel in this moment.
Communication is simply a bridge, a connectedness.
We begin to feel close to another when it happens,
Otherwise, we feel alone, distant, and distrustful.

Communication is essentially a simple thing,
Yet, often feels difficult, impossible, and complex.
We don’t feel heard when we feel judged in any way.
Also, to feel safe we need compassionate understanding,
A sense that another really cares about what we are feeling.
We must stay in real time because feelings constantly change.



The present moment is the only time, yet being present in the here and now is an elusive reality. Observe how thoughts distract you now, and trust that being present is more about body awareness.



Relating happens easiest when we are freely being ourselves.
Relationship often becomes a prison, and relating disappears.


All relationships are perfect because, they present that which is to be learned next. Should you escape, you only postpone the lesson, which will most assuredly be presented again.



When your mind is sending you a message, my best advise is to respond with a sincere, “Thank you for sharing”.

Communicating with your mind in this way, with an attitude of love, unconditional acceptance, attention, and acknowledgment, allows your mind to feel received, heard, and grateful. It will no longer repeatedly send the same message.

Feeling safe, the mind may reveal more of itself. Great insights are gained by hearing what was hitherto hidden and unconscious.



Q: The best advice for making a choice?
A: Follow what your heart says.

Q: How do I know my heart is speaking and not my mind?
A: Heart says to risk, sounds irrational, and feels frightening.
What is usual, sensible, or feels safe, is probably your mind.



Mind is our memory and our sense of continuous time. Every morning, our minds remind us of who we are, and so we continue, being as we have always been. But do we continue freely? Can we change? When we attempt to change ourselves, we find we are not as free as we might have believed we are.

A paradox. Our essential being is free, however, we have become unconsciously a slave to our mind and merely believe we are free. Freedom must be realized, then actualized. This freedom is a discontinuity of identity, a revolution of awareness over our programmed ego attachment.



In communication, a good rule is to not assume anything,
however, we inadvertently assume the following:
we suppose others are aware of themselves,
and conscious of what they are saying.


Ego is easily flattered and as easily insulted. Because this world is ego-centered, honest feedback is almost non-existent.

“Even your best friend won’t tell you”, was a slogan used to sell deodorants in a very successful television commercial. Everyone knew the slogan was true.

Ego wants agreement, not truth. Is this why conversations are mostly shallow and pretentious, and why communication technology makes great strides, yet consciousness does not?



Tantra is the art of transforming sexual union, by being meditatively aware every moment. Meditative awareness transforms life and sex through your awareness that you are more than your thinking mind, conditioned desires, tension, and boredom.

Transcend thinking mind, contact your real energy, and miraculously all becomes timeless and joyful. Tantra is the magic of your heart energy; it is being with feelings, rather than thinking or doing, and witnessing thoughts rather than fantasizing.



Teach superstition, fear based righteous morality, instead of compassion and insightful understanding, and your true believers grow fearful, judgmental, condemnatory.

Perpetuating divisive conflicts for thousands of years, these religions are obviously hypocritical and immoral, yet they succeed by fostering ego identifications that are never questioned.



Pain is nature’s way of sending messages via the body.
Drugging pain is akin to killing messengers of bad tidings.
Pain naturally subsides when we become receptive.



Relationships are an opportunity to awaken; they are a unique learning environment to see yourself, reflected by another.

Relationships are a blessing when we are open, or a tortuous hell when we are closed-minded.

Everyone learns in their own way, in their own time, therefore compassion in communication is key.


Meditation becomes a priority, when the truth becomes a priority.



Are we born time and again into new bodies? Repeatedly sent back to this physical plane to the learn lessons we failed to learn previously?

We all suffer from low self-esteem, feeling unworthy of love, and not being good enough. Could it be that these feelings are rooted in the guilt of having failed in our past lives?

In any case, to alleviate guilt and low self-esteem, accept you are capable of being every way a human can be, realize you have always done the best you can, and forgive yourself of any blame.



Relationships are hard, only because we resist hard lessons.



Heart is the courage to totally experience what is, right now.



Happiness is fleeting, since it depends on conditions.
Joy is sensing your heart. Joy is forever.



Ego is the sum of everything you believe to be true.
Everything you believe to be true creates your reality.
Your reality is your truth, but this doesn’t make it true.



Are we a victim of circumstance, or a victim of our mind-set?
We struggle, situations improve, but nothing really changes,
Because we are the same— but only in a different setting.
We never stop and question the futility of our mind-set.



Ego is identification to thought.
But no thought is ever unopposed.
All opposition and war is thus created,
By our rigid attachment to dubious ideas.


To transform your life, you must first realize you have the power to change your life. You realize this, by realizing you created your life to be exactly the way it is, by your believing everything that you believe.

This is what taking responsibility for your life means.

Realize you have been a victim of your own belief system, not anything or anybody else. When you realize you can change your mind, you realize your power, and you are no longer a victim.



Q: How can a master help me find something inside of me?
A: The presence of a real master can inspire you to gather the trust and great courage you will need to go through the fear of the dark that leads to the light.

Q: What fear of the dark?
A: Fear of unknown spaces and fear of losing what is known. Doubt arises out of these fears and your mind will advise you to escape the master to avoid any further discomfort.

Q: What discomfort are you speaking of?
A: Truth is inside you, but buried and not uncovered right away.
Repressed emotions are encountered before the beauty you seek, and memories from the past can cause you to grieve. It is natural to feel wrong, confused, disoriented, and frightened.

Q: I wonder if I am ready?
A: When you are desperate for change, you are ready.



Beware of beliefs! Attachments to beliefs blind us to the truth.
It is not easy to see that which opposes anything we believe.

My story. At age 30, I became a “truth seeker”. For years, I was open to discovering the truth, but quite unconsciously I began believing, “I am open”.

Later, I closed down, yet I continued believing “I am open”.
Much later, I was devastated to realize my blind hypocrisy.



What makes every ego the same is the belief that each is special.


To be sane– be, here, now.
See where your body is right now.
Notice exactly whatsoever you are doing.
Breathe with awareness and relax your tongue.
Feel the strongest sensation in your body.
Dis-identify with the desiring mind.
Observe from your center.


The movie, “The Shining”, is about a man who became possessed, who lost control of himself and perpetrated horrible violent acts. The following is my insight into what is sometimes called demonic possession, and how to deal with a fear of it. The fear is terrifying; that we could commit a violence that we would never desire to do.

The antidote to this fear is to realize the truth that each of us shares a consciousness with the world mind; any thought imaginable can pass through anyone’s mind at any time. Simply, by acknowledging our most outrageous thought, we can just let it go. No problem.

However, for superstitious fanatics who actually believe in a devil,
those attached to a self-righteous religious ego, this fear is very real. They will rebuff my antidote, deny responsibility for their thoughts; instead, they will blame the devil and believe they are possessed.

Many of us learned as children that when we try to not think about monkeys, monkeys are all we think about. The lesson is not to resist any thought, but just to observe thoughts of the mind. Fighting being controlled by the devil, only exacerbates being controlled.



Our mind and our heart are worlds apart.
The mind only loves to know and to control.
Only our heart truly loves.
Our heart is greatly feared by the mind,
because the mind cannot know or control love.
Therefore to truly know love, we must forsake the mind.



Joy is not attained by any doing or ritual, but by being, here, now.


We are unaware of the present moment of now,
because we are distracted by thoughts which are rooted in time.
Awaken by consciously slowing down your movements,
or abruptly stop, be still, and feel a timeless silence descend.



Meeting a master can be an initiation into being in this now moment, You may glimpse the love and silence of your being.
Only then can you truly fathom the reality of the master.



My master was free and he taught freedom. We associate the word master with slave, because slavery was a reality in this society, and in a way still is. We may feel like a slave to a job, or enslaved by obligations. Because we have been conditioned to be dominated by authorities, we rarely question our slavery to programmed beliefs, loyalties, and traditions.

Freedom is the realization of our true nature. If we merely believe we are free, we fail to realize how this belief is a barrier to our really being free.



We have sexual fantasies that are different from our sexual reality. Fantasies are not acted upon because of our judgments they are bad or wrong. Our ego definition of ourselves prevents us being free to act in a way that we fantasize would be exciting or pleasurable.

We feel like we would die crossing the imaginary line demarking our fantasies from our ordinary reality, be that a sexual encounter or singing a song in public. The feeling that we would die is accurate, yet intellectually we know doing the improbable would not be fatal. What stops us is an unconscious fear of risking a death of our ego.

Risking an ego death, we step outside our definition and limitations, feeling new, alive, vital, and free. Risk is the best test of freedom. Ultimately, risking leads to the greater freedom of enlightenment.

Exploring, we learn that fantasies are only fascinating to our mind.
When we realize the futility of chasing desires in the external world, we naturally turn inward, where real freedom and contentment hide.



Observe! Every child is an individual.
No one ever comes into this life as a blank slate.
By ignoring this obvious truth, all misery is perpetuated.
Children everywhere are subjected to a conditioning
by parents and society to be other than themselves.
We are unaware this is the ultimate in disrespect,
and that this abuse has terrible consequences.
It is our ego attachment to family traditions,
which have us ignore these obvious truths.



There is an inherent danger sharing any truth,
because the truth is only received when one is open.
One may be open one moment, suddenly closed the next.
The risk is losing one’s family, friends, and lovers, or one’s life.
A master fearlessly shares his insights into truth.
He is joyfully alone, and knows he has nothing to lose.



We gain insight into ourselves and our relationships by understanding the essence of relationship is agreement.
[In relationship, agreement often masquerades as love; though lovers can be loving, love is not a relationship.]
Relationships reflect our attitude toward ourselves and life, that must agree with another’s for a relationship to continue [including unexamined, unconscious contextual beliefs].
When people grow, evolve, or mature, and the points of agreement no longer align, the relationship evolves or ends. [As a consequence of needs and subsequent promises, relationships tend to inhibit freedom to grow.]



Addiction is an inappropriate response to pain.



Heart is the courage to realize: you are the world, the world is you; the willingness to totally experience all that you feel in your body.



We can feel stuck in a relationship, without knowing why we don’t leave. Obviously, we gain something by our staying.

The answer is always that we feel secure knowing what we know despite the fact that what we know is unwanted. We fear not knowing what we know, and we fear losing what we know.

Relationships prove what we know. We find agreement for our unconscious contextual beliefs in our partner. For example, helpers find people needing help; someone who cannot easily receive love finds one who can’t give love; a masochist finds a sadist; etcetera.

Everything changes when you awaken, realize your responsibility through understanding that your relationship is your creation. You gain the power to transform it or the freedom to leave.



We choose to spend time with those who agree with us. Friendships are based on points of mutual agreement. Enemies both agree to fight with each other; and there are those who agree to disagree. When there is disagreement without agreement, any relationship usually ends.



We learn more from pain than anything else.
When a love relationship comes to a painful end,
In the midst of suffering, is a possibility of awakening.
By moving into feelings, not trying to escape them,
We may discover that the source of our pain
Is not what we thought; so much deeper.

It is natural to miss someone who was part of our life,
But when we suffer deep grief and recriminations,
The source of our suffering may be repressions.
Unresolved issues of an abusive childhood,
Traumas of being rejected or abandoned,
Are more likely the source of our grief.
Allow yourself a time to feel pain,
Old wounds, anger, and fears.
Feel, heal, and transform.

The suffering you feel when a love relationship ends, may instead be an unconscious mourning for the loss of a dream you imagined.



Trying to make a relationship work,
Implies that it is a thing that needs fixing.
We desire to repair it to be like it was before,
Or change it in some way, to again fit our dream.

A relationship, however, is not a thing.
It is two people, who by mutual agreement,
Desire to be together, relate, and communicate.

A focus on fixing the relationship does not work.
What works is for each person to become responsible,
Realize their reactions signify a lesson crying to be learned.
Harmony is two people open to themselves, hence each other.



Because we have been wounded, we have learned to protect ourselves. We guard against being soft; showing our vulnerability.

Yet vulnerable, we are again like a child, beautiful and lovable.



In meditation, one learns the beauty of being alone.
Also, it is beautiful when two people share al-one-ness.
Much drama and conflict in relationship is thus transcended.




My "Prime Directive" for an enlightened relationship.

Whatsoever I say or do is 100% me; this has nothing whatsoever to do with you. Whatsoever you say or do is 100% you; this has nothing whatsoever to do with me.

If how I am is a problem for you, that is 100% you. If how you are is a problem for me, that is 100% me. There is no blaming and nothing to forgive.

So, to the degree we can each be open, take 100% responsibility for how we feel, reflect on our reactions, learn from our mirror of the other, and work through past traumas, we have an enlightened relationship; we continually evolve to love and compassion.


Q: I want to know what does it mean "To be true to myself". How does this translate to everyday life?

A: To be true to yourself one is simply with how one feels in the moment; there is no other truth. Implied in this is that there is no complication such as trying to change what is into something else. Change happens when you do nothing.


Enlightenment is a necessary step to realize anything.


Almost nobody will learn from anybody about life; the exception is a disciple. Ask any parent of a teenager or adult; notice that friends only hear you on things already agreed on.

A corollary. You feel love when someone does learn from you. Every master knows this. Love is what a master gets out of teaching you.

Another corollary. When a child rejects what a parent wants to teach, the child unwittingly denies the parent a feeling of love. This rejection can create a feeling of resentment towards the child, in some vindictiveness.

When you realize everyone only learns about life through their own experience, that you cannot change anyone or teach anyone anything about life, acceptance and peace follows in your relationships.


The ego mind can be represented as a circle or some design. The line defines the space inside the circle where one lives, and easily moves. The line, however, is also a limitation, because one does not step out of the circle. Whenever one considers to step out, fear arises (to the extent one is attached to their ego), and if one does step out (highly recommended), the fear magically becomes excitement with a fresh feeling of aliveness. At the same time one realizes that one has no idea who one is (this is an ego death experience). One either runs back into the safety of what is known, or stays out to grow the circle.




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