Online guidance. Send me an e-mail with a question or a problem you have. And, tell me as much about yourself as you can, because my response is to you, not an answer to an hypothetical question. This works best if you don't edit what you say after you write it out. On subsequent e-mails, tell me know how you feel about what I said and how you understand what I said.

After our first session, please post a donation, in any amount that feels right to you to my paypal account below. Should we both choose to continue, we work out a mutually agreeable fee on a sliding scale.


Counseling by phone or by Skype. E-mail me to arrange a convenient time.



Counseling in person, in the San Francisco Bay Area. One-on-one guidance into awakening, meditation, and relating is on a sliding scale basis.


Arthur D. Saftlas. I am also known as Nirvan; my Skype name is nirvanji.

Phone: (415) 925-1648
E-mail Me

E-mail is nirvan@(remove this)


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