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I Teach Awakening

I am a Zen Master, an enlightened disciple of the great master, Osho.
A rebellious spirit and an open mind is what is needed here.
Awakening is to be one; mind, body, and spirit.

Awakening usually begins with a crisis, when our conditioned program crashes. 43 years ago, about age 30, I awoke suffering a deep depression. Today, my work is often helping those with symptoms of depression. Awakening is a shift of consciousness from a closed mind to an open mind. Depression is healed in the same way.

My process of awakening began unknowingly, on the brink of suicide. I was hopelessly depressed and suffering; desperate for an escape when a thought of suicide occurred to me. I was strangely consoled by this idea. I was deciding how to end my life, when I arrived at a perplexing conundrum. I believed I knew everything, but I could not correlate knowing everything with my solution to kill myself. Amazingly, I consciously doubted my thinking, I opened my mind to the possibility I did not know everything! This one insight began my awakening!

Awakening is becoming aware of who you really are, by letting go of who you are not; it is about bringing to light, presence, joy, love, and creativity. All that is required is your openness.

I am Arthur D. Saftlas, also known as Nirvan, a name given to me by Osho. I do not diagnose you or prescribe medications or commiserate with you endlessly about issues twice a week for twenty years. The people who come to me usually have been down that road. They are desperate for change and are open to hear methods to truth I share from an intuitive and insightful gift of communication.

I work in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, and by email, Skype, and by phone. I am open to answering your questions, feel free to contact me.



What is depression?

Depression is a corruption of your ego mind, caused by the crash of your hope program. Hope leads to hopelessness, because hope never fulfills its promise.

Ever wonder why celebrities kill themselves? Suicide by famous rock stars and actors is hard for most people to understand. They had talent, fame and fortune, why??? My answer is simple. They were driven by great hope that their success would deliver the promises they craved. What is not readily understood is that hope ultimately leads to hopelessness, because it always fails to deliver.

I know from my personal experience of depression when I was 30 years old, that depression can be a transition to awakening; in my case from my attachment to thinking I knew everything to realizing I did not. There are two types of suicides. The one where you kill your body and the other infinitely more intelligent when you kill your ego—your attachment to your thinking mindset.

We have a mind, a body, and a spiritual self. When all are together, we are balanced, we are one, healthy, and whole. We suffer depression when we are split, not together, imbalanced, without a connection to our feeling body of emotions and sensations of aliveness. Depression is a closed ego mind stuck in recurrent despairing and disempowering thought. There are many methods to an open mind.

When ego mind is in control of our consciousness, the connection of the mind to the body and spirit is lost. Without the wisdom of the body and spirit, without access to feeling sensations or higher consciousness, negative and depressing thoughts can run unabated.

The paradoxical challenge to healing is that ego mind will not hear any truth and ego mind is your depression. An example is your unshakeable belief you are in a depression. Another paradox is that everyone believes they have an open mind. Imagine asking the most closed minded person you have ever met, Are you open minded? You know they will answer in the affirmative.

All egos want agreement with what they believe, because they want to be right. They set up situations to prove they are right. Egos hate, they resist confusion, they won’t introspect, and they will not be wrong. Egos defend or attack, but they will not surrender.

Ego mind is an aberration; it believes it is you. You are not your ego, you are infinitely more than a collection of beliefs. You have an ego, but when your ego has you, you are lost in reactions, unconsciously replaying your past. Depression is a symptom it is time for you to wake up and evolve. Only your openness is needed.

I teach awakening. Awakening is becoming aware of who you really are, by letting go of who you are not; it is about bringing to light, presence, joy, love, and creativity. Awakening usually begins with a crisis, when our conditioned program crashes. Otherwise we rarely change. Crisis is an opportunity to open our mind, because it is as shocking as realizing any truth.

I can help anyone get over depression, once they are desperate enough for change to open their mind.



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